“When it comes to understanding Microsoft’s agreements, licensing, program types, and opportunities to save money, the License Desk Team is unique given their experience and knowledge – we learned a great deal about contracts and licensing. We appreciated working with an organization that does not sell software and is truly independent of Microsoft and software resellers. License Desk identified areas we could optimize our licensing, reduce our software cost and mitigate risk in the future. Their process resulted in significant ROI to our organization now and in the future. We will continue to use these folks for licensing guidance and support in the future.

Anthony Verbanac VP of Information Technology, New Bay Media

The Microsoft licensing training we received from License Desk was outstanding. An instructor spent a day at our offices with our IT and contact groups and reviewed the licensing rules and requirements for the different Microsoft software we use. The training was easy to understand and it was helpful to have the contract and IT group in the same room. We used the training to review our current agreement and license statement report as well as discuss our upcoming agreement renewal and different options. License Desk keeps us updated with new licensing models and readily gives options if there is a plan to upgrade hardware or software or deploy new product. Excellent ongoing resource!

Kathy M. US Healthcare Services

“We engaged Broomstick to assist in our critical efforts in managing our Microsoft licensing and we found the team very professional, highly knowledgeable on Microsoft licensing, extremely helpful in untangling the mess of crisscrossed contracts and rights to help us understand our compliance and opportunities to better apply our rights against our systems. We are confident that their services would help any company seeking to better manage Microsoft licensing.”

Tony M. CIO, Global Equipment Manufacturer
(Fortune 1000 Company)

“License Desk’s assessment process allowed our organization to reconcile the software we have installed to the licenses we have purchased and verify our organization is in compliance with our agreement. Additionally, they helped us understand some of the complexity and recent changes in Microsoft’s software licensing policies. Their assistance provided peace of mind that not only are we in compliance, but utilizing the licenses in a way that benefits the organization.”


“The online training helped our IT and procurement team understand, for the first time, our Microsoft agreement and licensing requirements for the software we use. The training sessions were over a two-week period which made it easier for our team to consume the training and have in-depth licensing discussions specific to our IT environment and license approach. If we had gone through this training a few years ago we would be better licensed and have saved money”

MARK TRIVET Nationwide CPG Company

“We have worked with License Desk over the past 3 years as our business grows and changes. License Desk understands our business, where we want to go with our licensing by saving us huge costs on our agreements. Licensing is very complex and frustrating and License Desk clarified areas that our IT and purchase groups had not understood before so we could make better licensing decisions for the Company. I am more confident than I have ever been that we are in compliance with our contracts and we are saving money each year! The review process was very valuable.”

SUSAN K. SVP Procurement, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Fortune 500 Company)

“The License Desk Specialist I worked with had a deep understanding of the complexities of the Healthcare Industry and agreements. I had never really viewed my licensing environment in the way that the License Desk team presented it. I understand my agreements, my compliance, how to save money, and where I want our business to go. Working with License Desk was very beneficial for my company financially. I will continue using and referring License Desk to others!”

KEVIN B. VP IT, Healthcare Hospital System (Fortune 300 Company)

“We engaged License Desk to help our organization manage a Microsoft license audit. They uncovered mistakes in the report that we would have never noticed and better applied our licenses against our software usage to reduce our shortfall by more than 63%. We would not have identified the errors in the audit report without License Desk. Their prior auditor experience was extremely valuable and they delivered a high ROI. We were fortunate to find License Desk (former auditors) and will use again.”

JOHN MILLER IT Directory, Healthcare Hospital Network

The team at License Desk really helped us understand and determine our response to an audit request.  We have a complex licensing environment and can use different models of licensing, which gets confusing quite quickly. During this stressful time, License Desk helped us understand our contracts and what was required (or not required) in response.  They acted quickly and explained each detail so we understood clearly what our options were and what potential risk factors existed.  We were able to end the stress on our own terms.  We further engaged License Desk for complete engagement to fully understand our license and deployment footprint.  During this process, our teams learned about licensing and best practices and we have changed processes to better protect our company.  We will be engaging License desk again in the future and strongly recommend speaking with them.

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