Software Publisher Compliance Verification Process

Broomstick helps organizations navigate compliance verification processes initiated by software publishers, including Software Asset Management (SAM) requests from Microsoft and software resellers. Our Team will assist your organization in managing the compliance verification process and will ensure your organization’s best interests are independently represented. Compliance verification processes often result in findings that require organizations to make additional unbudgeted payments to software publishers. The findings used to determine the amount owed to your software publisher can include errors and incomplete data. Unless properly managed, compliance verification and certification can be expensive and disruptive to organizations.

If a software publisher compliance verification process has started at your organization or has been completed, our team will independently verify that the compliance verification findings are accurate and complete. If your organization has been notified of a pending compliance verification process, our team can assist your organization navigate the compliance verification process and assist prepare a reconciliation of software deployed vs. your software entitlement in a manner that allows you to understand the information being compiled. In either scenario, we ensure that your organization understands the right licensing solutions available to you and assist in minimizing the costs you incur.