Microsoft Licensing Optimization

Microsoft software licensing, agreements, and program types are complex and understanding Microsoft’s differing product releases, software assurance benefits, product use rights, and related product dependencies often result in companies under or over licensing software products and not being optimally licensed. Our team will assist your organization evaluate what Microsoft software your organization is using, is entitled to use, and what licensing your organization optimally needs. Having an independent and confidential assessment by an organization outside of the selling ecosystem and being ready for agreement negotiations is financially beneficial and ensures your organization is optimally licensed and minimizing the cost of software licensing and maintenance.

Software optimization benefits include:

  • Lower cost of software licenses and maintenance
  • Effective planning and budgeting for future license purchases
  • Licensing agreements and programs types that work best for the organization
  • Align licensing and upgrade paths to the organization’s technology requirements
  • Proactively track and manage existing software licenses and agreements on an ongoing basis
  • Mitigate business and legal risks related to improper software deployment
  • Eliminate overlap and duplicate software purchases throughout the organization